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41-200 Sosnowiec

NIP 644 104 8476
REGON 270640196

Dryps Consulting company was created in 2005 in order to provide consulting and „turnkey” services for Polish and European entities in the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the USA, the People’s Republic of China, Georgia and Serbia.

The company’s founder is present on the mentioned markets since 1991 and the group of his regular collaborators is comprised of experienced analysts and practitioners of the political and economic life. Wide-ranging contact network, ability to move freely on the markets mentioned above and a growing need for consulting services caused the registration of the entity which is being endorsed with the founders surname what results in the responsibility for reliable and effective performance of services.

In 2007, on own initiative and the companies that Dryps Consulting is constantly cooperating with, an organization under the name DRYPS CONSULTING GROUP was  officially created. The objective of the group is close cooperation in actions undertaken on the markets of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Moldova, Georgia, the People’s Republic of China.

In 2010 Dryps Consulting took part in the registration of Dryps Consulting Georgia Ltd. in Georgia.

Also in 2010 on initiative of Dryps Consulting an International Consortium, The Platform of Economic Security (www.economic-security.pl) was established. The actions of the Consortium are aimed at preventing the formation of organized crime of economic nature. The actions are based on identifying and eliminating the factors contributing to creation of such crime. This type of approach which is based on non-operational actions causes a rise in identification of such dangers by entrepreneurs, exchange of information and social prevention. The non-operational approach to fighting against organized crime of  economic nature is also one of the priority objectives pursued on the European Union forum and is used to exchange the international experience that falls within the mentioned scope.

The effectiveness of Dryps Consulting is the result of individual and systematic management of each project.

General rules for cooperation with Dryps Consulting (DC)

  • DC is not a commodity broker.
  • The cooperation of DC with Clients always takes place under a cooperation agreement which determines the subject of the agreement, terms of cooperation, rights and obligation of the parties to the agreement.

  • DC reserves the right not to accept orders which according to its evaluation are unfeasible or can be in conflict with the legal order in the country of DC and/or the country in which the order is to be realized.
  • All DC partners – individual and economic entities (residents and non-residents of Poland), cooperate with DC under a cooperation agreement and/or a contract for a specific task.

  • DC assure and guarantees full access to own information and contacts which fall within the scope needed for the realization of the currently managed projects with the preservation of confidentiality principle for all partners - individual and legal entities.
  • DC in its actions is guided by full commitment to the conducted matters, honesty,  diligence, principle of rigorous protection of  the Clients secrets and abidance by the rules of competitiveness.

  • DC actions are directed at fast and effective realization of its objectives. The Clients satisfaction is DC greatest reward and at the same time is the best advertisement.


DRYPS CONSULTING, Al. Mireckiego 22/25, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland, is operating on the basis of the entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity CEIDG under the name: DRYPS ROMAN Dryps Consulting under the number NIP 644 104 8476 and REGON 270640196

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